2016 BSRA Women’s Squash Week Evening


Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all who participated in our Women’s Squash Week Event Friday night!!

We had a great time with singles and doubles play, and “squash tennis” was a hit. We might start a new sport with that game. Danielle provided some great squash apparel. Please contact her if you wish to place an order.

We also had a great discussion about the squash season ahead of us, and below are some of the discussion outcomes we all agreed upon:

We started with a focus group a couple of weeks ago – forming a Women’s committee to talk about women’s squash participation and interests.

One of the outcomes of that discussion was that our previous squash doubles league was not working the past few years, and it was time for a change. And what was working, is that women were participating more and more in the existing BSRA Leagues.

Some solutions for active women squash players:
Formation of a Mid level Squash Doubles league to be held on Monday or Thursday evenings. This format would be mixed, men and women, and it would be set up through “one commissioner” weekly. Each player would email their availability, at a set time and would be paired with various partners. More to come on the organization of that league.
We encourage everyone to join a club or independent team to play in the B, C and D leagues. If you need help finding a team, please call me and I will direct you to the club representatives, or contact Brian Donaghy, BSRA League Director directly to sign up.
We would like to develop a Women’s City Ladder that everyone can have access to, to start competition for all levels of play. Will keep you informed as that gets in place.
Organize some regional competitions – starting with Rochester – to host a home and home competition for all levels of play. And encourage players to thinks about outside tournaments for women – Howe Cup or other national tournaments in our region.
Host some fun get togethers in the beginning of the season (just like our Women’s Week Event) and possibly one at the end of the season, for fun squash and a chance to enjoy the camaraderie of the game.
Other thoughts are clinics for rules and strategy of doubles. If you have any further ideas about the upcoming season to share with the gals, please let me know and I will pass it along to everyone and see how we can get on the calendar.

Lastly, just get out there and play and start you own groups to play during the week or weekends, simply enjoy this sport

Thanks again for all your participation and looking forward to seeing you all out on the courts this season.

cheers, Sally