Monthly Newsletter

November ’16

Hi All,

AB, C and D Leagues are under way. 8 teams in the AB Division, 7 in the C Division and 6 in the D Division. Almost 100 players playing every week.
The Ladder, as you know, runs year round and it is a great way to improve your rating. Don’t be afraid to challenge the 5 players ahead of you!
We have 2 new Pros in the City; Jamie Crombie at T&S and Steve Neal at The Saturn Club.  Welcome to Buffalo!

New T&S Squash Pro - Jamie Crombie
New T&S Squash Pro – Jamie Crombie

T&S hosted a Silver Junior Tournament last week. It was well attended and some of our Junior Players did very well, specially Maureen Foley and Matt Dukarm, who won their divisions.
The BSRA 2016/2017 Junior Tournament will be held on December 10th and 11th. Please e-mail Sally Russell ( or Brian Donaghy ( if you want to participate.
Rumor says that City Honors is putting together a Squash Program this season. It would be a great addition to the BSRA.
We will have a brand new event this season, Rochester Squash is challenging BSRA to play 4 Doubles Matches on Dec 3. 2 A Teams and 2 B Teams will participate. I will let you know more about it next week.
The T&S Doubles Invitational will be held on January 13 and 14. Please contact Jamie Crombie at if you want to play.  Best Event of the Season!
The Buffalo Club will celebrate its 150 year anniversary in 2017. As part of the Celebrations, the Club will be hosting a Pro Doubles event on May 12 and 13 which will include a Pro-Am Bracket. More details in the coming months.
The BSRA 2017 City Tournament will start at the end of January. I will send the tournament details under a different cover.
And last but not least, I beat Dave Pfalzgraf twice this season. Life is good!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Gui Alvarez

Buffalo, NY